Our ideology

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Our ideology refers to gender equality, social justice and personal liberty.

So as to grasp significance of this day it’s wise to first learn about creation of a word.

The most important word in anyone’s language is day because without day (light) there is only eternal (dark) night.

Vef is the best word to use when referring to a female person – it is equal with man. Also it’s more than just a simple word to add to our vocabulary.

Wow! This amazing ideology will inspire girls to change their masculine speech.


Delightful expressions (Using feme in a sentence)
Yesterday I saw a pretty feme walking down a busy city street and she looked just like the kind of gal who I’d like to meet.

Suggestions (Okay! I’m clever)
Vef’s day is a better option than woman’s day.
I’m delighted to be known as feme. I’m not happy being known as female.

Painting by Ronnie Biccard

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